Business Consulting:
“In my experience with business acquisitions, the single greatest factor affecting the eventual success or failure of the merger has been the depth of communication and understanding between the two entities up-front.  A merger or “roll-up” that is based predominantly on the prospect of acquiring the customers of the prospective company is often virtually doomed to failure, whereas I have yet to see the failure of a buyout when it is based on the understanding that the greatest assets that are being obtained are the goodwill of the company,  the knowledge and talent of its employees, and the relationships between those employees and their customers.”
Efficiency Consulting:
"A common thread to the inefficiencies that I uncover is the failure to see the false limitations that define the status quo.  Many of those limitations are purely imaginary, and most are easily overcome.  In addition to being naturally inclined to look at the big picture, as an outsider I am not constrained by pre-concieved assumptions as to the right or wrong way of doing things.  Typically, solutions to inefficiencies that you and your employees were not even aware existed will present themselves."                    
In the case of a European motorcycle manufacturer, Mr. Kelley identified improvements in their demo program that were able to dramatically increase both the number and quality of prospects that they could register at each event.  At a minimum, this increase was on the order of 2-3 times previous results, using the same manpower.  At some events, Mr. Kelley's suggestions were able to multiply results by a factor of 9-10, while also increasing the quality and improving the qualification of leads.
In the case of a farming operation (already an award winning company for their product quality and consistency), Mr. Kelley provided information on process improvements that were able to increase yield by 23% to 50%, with no increased cost of water, fertilizer, pesticides, or land.
“I do efficiency consulting mostly for the personal reward that I get in seeing processes and products improved as a result of my input.  As such, my minimum (and sometimes full) consulting fee is lunch.  For more time consuming consultations, I prefer to negotiate a fee based on the gains that come as a result of my input.  I do not take on anything in which I do not think I can make a substantive difference, and my fee is always negotiated in terms of payment for measurable results.”
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With 30+ years of business entrepreneurship in retail, sports, product design, and manufacturing, combined with a design engineers perspective and the unique attributes of a classic ADD mind, Scott possesses a set of attributes that make him uniquely skilled at seeing the big picture, understanding the underlying issues, finding inefficiencies and problems in products and processes, and directing that understanding toward the achievement of the desired outcomes.